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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EST

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it with our t. is we are running the latest news stories and closure made headlines this week unrest in libya has claimed over a thousand lives as pro-government forces wage war on those protesting against the regime the u.n. has sanctioned the country's leader and war spending first occasion into possible crimes against humanity. by does turmoil in the region drives the thousands of north africans from their homes it's really is now calling on the e.u. to help it cope with waves of migrants and. the wiki leaks founder is to be
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extradited to sweden on sex crimes allegations appealing the ruling julian assange says the case is simply a pretext to get him to the u.s. for a quick trial. right america has its wings clipped with the last flight over discovering the shuttles are to be decommissioned soon and obama's new space program astronauts will have to rely on a russian spacecraft to take them into the. world with us spiraling middle east and rest to draining wars in afghanistan and they were off and an ongoing financial slump american policymakers are facing a glut of pressing problems he spoke to brant scowcroft former u.s. national security advisor about the challenges ahead for the country that discussion is coming your way next. mr scowcroft thank you very much for joining all t. you belong to the school of foreign policy realists that's what they say for they
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say and you're republican with a career stretching across five american express ministrations so we'd like to discuss several foreign policy issues with you and your view what are the consequences for the u.s. middle east policy after the toppling of mubarak in egypt and ben ali in tunisia you know one is always caught off guard by revolutions. because there are a surprise if there were a surprise to president ben ali and to president mubarak it's hardly unusual or be a surprise to the united states. the instabilities in the region are of course obvious and have been for a long time the question is can they be handled can they be dealt with in any thought for a sensible way or does it have to involve. unrest and violence
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and i think. we have to wait and see so far the egyptian crisis has been managed for i think quite route to actually armies behaved i think very well leave their repressing their demonstrations nor encouraging. its changes coming to the region but that was that was inevitable as the old leaders. passed from the scene so i think we need to be careful but not to mistake fundamentally fundamentally our policy should change in our policy is the development of open societies cooperativeness and progression of development for all the countries of the region and it's always been part of iraq president obama has started withdrawing troops from iraq once all the forces including security personnel leave the country in your view is there
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a danger of iraq slipping back into the civil war i think iraq is in or is in approved per carry a state there is still in fact forming a government and months after an election to do so there are sharp divisions inside the country. and it's hard to say exactly how they will develop i would be more comfortable. with a somewhat longer american presence so that they would be more inclined to solve their problems by discourse rather than strength but we'll have to wait and see but you don't think that. the danger is there oh i think the danger is there i think there are still still many forces tending to pull the country aside indeed one of the reasons for the strength of the
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dictatorship was to hold the country together but i am hopeful that people will see the benefits of compromising their differences rather than insist upon them and destroying the state do you think that the nato mission in afghanistan is doomed just like the britons failed in the nineteenth century in the soviet union just two years ago. no i don't think so because i think we are the united states is there for a different reason which is not to control afghanistan but to make sure that al-qaeda or other terrorist bad don't use afghanistan as a base from which to attack us you anybody else so yeah who are our goal is much more limited and i think they're for. one can have more optimism and one did it
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at the previous occupants of afghanistan you yourself i think have been saying that the term war on terror. was compromised it has indeed been compromised how does that marry with the you know with the terrorism threat but it's not going anywhere well terrorism threat is one thing a war is another and terrorism is a technique of combat it is not you can't make war on a technique so. i think war on terrorism was designed to motivate people for a maximum effort care or is something that we all have to deal with and i'm going to have to for a while longer period of time it's in part a product of the modern age like television like radio people are now politicized
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by issues that they didn't care about before because they didn't know about and so i think it's a long term struggle against extremists who want to destroy a civilization that they can't cope with it seems that there is no progress in stopping the iranian nuclear program in your view what are the chances that the united states may resort to the military option i think there is still the possibility to avoid a confrontation. i think iran is a case that relative related to the reason that i'm here and that is cooperation between the united states and russia are no whole nuclear fuel cycle. iran has every right. to have nuclear power but does not have the right to build nuclear weapons and i think.
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the extent to which we can cooperate to induce iran to take the opportunities that are available that is nuclear fuel for russia return a nuclear fuel not insist on enriching it's only really. or doing things like that and i wouldn't rule out that. that we would be successful how much is you know is this the opinion shared in the united states i don't think i'm alone i am not sure but i don't think there's any eagerness. to deal with iran by force and i think the extent the increasing degree of cooperation between the united states and russia on this issue will have a big impact. on iran and what it decides to do but there is also quite strong
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a mood within the government of israel and sort of you know they support and i time on iran well israel has what it considers an existential problem with iran but i think if we can deal with the nuclear problem. then israel will be reassured by that what is your assessment on has the recent with russia and asked by the obama administration and years ago brought any serious results if not what could be the reasons i was a little disappointed for a year or so i am now encouraged i think now that we are beginning on a much more positive course. both sides have ratified the new start treaty and that is. a major step forward in terms of renewing a cooperative since the. nuclear cooperation agreement along twenty three agreement
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as we call it is now in force and i think the the the warmth between the two and the progress we've made together with respect to iran for example and i think even on afghanistan there is a sense that we pull the we have a common problem there common of the export of the export of her one so on those things. are leading and i feel good about the reset button now why were you disappointed then did you feel that those two little happening yes yes i thought that i thought the language of reset was good but but there didn't seem to be much follow through for a time and now it just took time to catch more but now i feel very good about since you've already mentioned start what is its political impact on the u.s. russian relations i think what it really does is that is continue
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the framework that we've built up really over fifty years of how to talk and how to deal. with the military nuclear issues that if it continues that process and now we can look at ways we still possess over ninety percent of the world's nuclear weapons so we need to work together to ensure that those weapons are never never need be used and that is to increase the stability of the nuclear about us so whatever the problem between us there is no incentive. to use and when i think now the way is clear for us to sit down and have that kind of discussion there's still there's so many nuclear weapons out there but it's not just a matter of numbers it's doing the kinds of things that ensure that those weapons are never going to be used and that take that'll take a lot more discussion goshi thoughtfulness on both sides. but i'm sure we can make
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progress now that we've laid the groundwork as the scowcroft thank you very much for this interview you're very welcome.
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with the latest news on the stories of the week he would r.t. and under arrest in libya has claimed now over a thousand lives as pro-government forces waged war on those protesting against the regime the u.n. house sanctions the country's leader and north an investigation into his possible crimes against humanity. and us turmoil in the region drives of thousands of north africans from their homes italy is now calling on the e.u. to help to cope with waves of immigrants. the wiki leaks founder is to be extradited to sweden on sex crimes allegations appealing the ruling julian assange
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says the case is simply a pretext to get him to the u.s. for a quick trial. america has its witness helped with the last flight of the discovery of shuttles ought to be decommissioned soon obama's new space program astronauts will have to rely on a russian spacecraft to take them into. time now for the sporting news with kate. hello welcome to the sports news and the top story is that our income stream is starting to be the first team to reach the conference semifinals in the k h l we have all the latest action from the playoffs. ending the drought there as colorado wins for first time in over a year after beating well one power line just last week into. reds held any doubt me she's eight game unbeaten run ends this is liverpool's side mistry one
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of the west town and moved off to boston to the english premier league. will start on the ice recreational champions at bos have moved within one victory of making the next round of the playoffs after thrashing catholic side barry six one on the road tomorrow russian captain elect safe was up next in two of those six for the holders who now sit in a comfortable three nothing lead net best of seven series elsewhere in the eastern conference final about also struck six times to transylvania also take the three male lead graphite in surprise series later gets nothing like five years ago or six nation out of the regular season champions and got the top thing to make. fun of the times being played on sunday or in the western conference with such a style that i'm incensed when i wake up with a two one lead in their serious ball scott would become the first teams to use the conference semifinals to explain its parts not missing pieces like side all three are in the best of seven series will come in trying to win on saturday and rather
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than young watch this. no never do we losses there's a week's worth that story their best of seven series again sky meaning no other option for their own why it's like winning in a whole month in the third game ever it was the visitors get off to a better start and serve a night even with great care dominic herships helpless against my. yes when hunger is making it one meal here sparks are geared up to zero matters time to shine no for the other goalie rockets to panic stops even broncos first slipshod but the second one is even more powerful spark that equalizing just seconds from the first intermission one one style was quick to restore their lead after the break ended in style. of finishing his teammates effort here however as they say it's not over till it's over stephanie discourse to bring the one called best life to to nevertheless go we're still in control and promptly took the lead again and both
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play until i'm booked three two. and it turned out to be the decider with most infant again a net in twice more in third period to serve the final score five to three nil in the series meaning scar just one win away from the western conference semifinals. actually supports didn't even make a show all we've got scar still have to improve we have some aspects of the game which needs to be fine we can surely do even better. not over yet we shouldn't think forward until the job is done for we have just talked about it with my teammates we need to win one more game to decide the serious and we'll do our best to make it happen as soon as possible give up their own whites have never been that type. roberts well known r.t. in a scam. moving to football and in the english premier league last time have moved off the bottom of the table after an impressive three one win ohio to little paul kenny
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dalglish's sixth place reds will be a night that struck parker open for the higher side after twenty two minutes you've got maybe two no one strike a half time liverpool go to go back to glen johnson with six minutes to go to college and college still victory with an injury time strike to make sure if there's three rounds rest and rise to eighteenth only in the drop zone on goal difference the reds ecstacy six elsewhat third place match to city house welcome back former manager mark hughes for the first time off if he were to spoil them science restrains so if you're looking for some men's that champions league place and they currently need one they'll treat mario pilots at least twenty six men strike. money on saturday munched united extending their lead at the top to full force of a four no winner and struggling wigan it is a day for braces as having a hand on this school to reach home for sure united stretch their leader the second by some elsewhere so when events played added a late double as one disguise a forgotten turn towards the relegation zone they for no i would think
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a ten man blackpool ashley young nephew twice and a second home office aston villa at one forty one of time to walk but train back that was on target twice in the first half inhabitants to know how to move the sunderland ten minute song you won't want to call them. and meanwhile second base also on not seen you got action this weekend as they have the chance to claim their first piece of silverware in six years they face birmingham in sunday's carling cup final guns awesome banga says he's confident with his side on big in the last seventeen matches however without captain says fabregas and theo walcott's were both injured during an eye looking for their first trade me since nine hundred sixty three when they last won the league cup. ten is now and russia has won both as tightly and i over a year after beating wall go on caroline wozniacki in straight sets to find the kids all right into iraq as nancy was heavily favored to go. the second scene gives one a robot after reaching the final about losing a set and while the russians pushed hard equals out semifinals he stepped up again
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they first set six. and she took a second scoreline this point played to perfection does not much point. couldn't hold that it's great power from the russian claims the eleventh so i thought. that you know it was. very late so many times there were always have top them going through so you know i was just trying to write for every point concentrate i think i thought was very were very well when i just was trying to go for my stride really here good that i was able to win this one i mean while world number two was a federer is yet to beat novak djokovic this year the serve beach him in the australian open on route to winning the grand slam beats me again in straight sets to trying to buy championships misstates right time which delighted with that design performance. it's a fantastic when. i raised up to. play there fantastic match from the
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start to the end you know yesterday i wasn't happy with my semifinal performance but today was was absolutely different story from the first of the last point i played great it was a big challenge against roger as it isn't always easy just just really happy to win . while elsewhere it was to spaniards who rule the recently play quarterback or play david ferrer at last and kind of broke to successfully defend his mexican open title but the world number six was taken the distance by his margin for patreus i think you'll see this after his third straight. back to back once that deficit is actually spaniards taking the set each by some tiger aches but it will spare me find the bag and decide to take it six to eight and that's fine for. me while there's a new number one in goals as. german martin climber takes over from lee westwood at the top of the rankings after reaching the final of the walls much by championship
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in arizona cano will face england's league on sunday for the championship after edging past american pop and what's an accidental fall however down a road cannot exam a final win over another american hockey shark much there was all over the fourteenth with the englishman winning five and three so it means there's a battle between two one teams in the somebodies final played over eighteen holes. action up in the n.b.a. where detroit posted their highest points tally of the season after beating utah one hundred twenty to one hundred sixteen for their first win in twelve attempts over the jazz detroit had fantasised under one thousand going to devin harris with a curry and then. once the pistons turned the tables in the second quarter but he stuck the twenty four he took score twenty eight points to get the strike to fifty eight fifty three fifteen at the halfway mark it's up to tell the game and the jazz quarterback and went into the lead when lanka how close was three pointer. and
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detroit which went in the final minutes leading one hundred sixteen to one hundred twelve defense and stock picking records in south bend in. his power shots so. it's alpine skiing now and the sport's most exciting rivalry has continued on the slopes of the swedish ski resort for a was world cup lead emery arranged pinkos friend and defending champion lindsey vonn in the latest super g. events have won the super combined on friday but van triumph in the downhill on saturday so both were in top form going into the final race of the weekend and just one hundredth of a second separated the two against the german trucker one minutes thirteen point two four seconds twenty six the end of the season double olympic champion frankie the stretching her on top with over about one hundred six point and this work. crucial information speeds when the range of the american business get the coveted oval crystal globe in the last three seasons and with just my my sister go to shit
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. and finally this time months to go before the for me on psych is kickstarts the world's over the australian grand prix but thousands of mexican sounds have already been treated to a piece of high octane action and took a driver sergio perez with his new cyber car to the test in his hopes it's a good question lara the twenty one year old college is live and commemorative day comes fall on sunday and estimated two hundred thousand to seize yes wind speeds based on the theory of a trick or to listen to the next steps up from the cheap into series to replace nick life inside the team is full of gratitude for the help he's received these years with his pockets. i've always dreamed of someday been able to show my formula one car to my people to my country to my city and it has always supported me i've always treated me very well i've always given me their affection and that's what really motivates me. and that's all sports news for this. war in
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a couple of hours i hope you'll join me then by. the world. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around the world . we've got the future covered.
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